Oceania is not really a continent, but it can be seen as a geographic division of the world that includes Australia, New Zealand and some groups of islands scattered in the Pacific Ocean. The main groups are Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. There are more than 25,000 islands and islets of 25 nations and territories spread over the Pacific. Its total population is about 30 million people and, because of the distance, there is little animal life, except for seabirds and insects.

Australia is the great territory of Oceania. Sometimes it is called a continent itself.


Moorea - French Polynesia

Moorea is a volcanic island in the French Polynesia, with about 132 km² of area. Distant only 19km from the Tahiti.

Moorea's rugged dramatic beauty is attributed to an explosion of a great volcano in the past. In the center of the ancient crater stands the Mount Rotui that shares the environment with other six mounts. White sand beaches with crystal and calm waters complete the scenario.

Today, the island has about 12,000 residents. They live mainly from agriculture, fishing and tourism. Afareaitu, the main village, is in the Moorea's east coast. It is Polynesia's second-most popular tourist attraction after Tahiti. See a map of French Polynesia.


Mount Mouarou, in Moorea

Mount Mouarou, a fascinating view in Moorea.


Queenstown and Wakatipu lake, in New Zealand.


Sydney, the biggest city of Australia. About one-in-five Australians or 4 million people live in the Sydney Metropolitan area. It is a cosmopolitan city with residents from 180 nations, speaking 140 languages.


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Pools of Oheo, Hana, Maui, in Hawaii (credit: Kirk Lee Aeder / HTA).


Fiji Islands

Fiji is a country and an archipelago in the southern Pacific Ocean, consisting of about 330 islands and 510 islets and atolls of volcanic origin, spread in an area of 3 million km². Only about 100 islands is inhabited by the 832 thousand residents. It was a British possession from 1874 to 1970, when became an independent country.

Fiji is a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches. Its clear waters and reefs are ideal for diving and fishing. More: Map of Fiji Islands.

Oheo Hawaii


The bold forms of the Sydney Opera House and the bridge of the Port.



Mapas Oceania



Fiji islands


Queenstown and Wakatipu lake, in New Zeeland


Beach in Fiji islands.



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Sydney Opera House - Australia


Oceania Map


Oceania Globes



Vanuatu is a country composed by 83 islands in the south of the Pacific Ocean. Independent republic since 1980, with almost 200,000 residents. It was formerly known as the New Hebrides islands.

Its crystalline waters and reefs are a perfect environment for diving, especially in the Hideaway Marine Sanctuary, in Efate island. The region has many relics from the World War II.


The volcanic island of Nguna, in Vanuatu

The volcanic island of Nguna, in Vanuatu.


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