Times Square Looking North - Old Images


This page shows old photos of Times Square, looking north, on the intersection of Broadway or Seventh Avenue.

Times Square is formed by the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, between West 42nd and W 47th streets, in Midtown Manhattan. The name derives from the Times Building, completed in 1904 on the south side of the square. The Studebaker Building at 1600 Broadway, completed in 1902 and demolished in 2004, stood on the north side of West 48th Street, between Broadway and 7th Avenue.

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Old Times Square


Old New York City




Billboards NY



Old Times Square


Broadway Long Acre Square



N Y Times Building


7th Avenue


NY 20th Century


New York NY


Times Square 1990s


Seventh Avenue


Construction NYC


New York Times Square


West 45 Street



Studebaker Building



Times Square Fifties



Subway Construction NY


Billboards Night Times Square




Times Square old



West 46 Street


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Times Square Looking North - Old Images


Times Square NY


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